Careerforce is a limited liability company in which our members are referred to as ‘shareholders’.

Our shareholders have the opportunity to directly improve the health and wellbeing of New Zealand, contributing to decisions which will enhance workforce training.

Shareholders have a say on our skill standards and qualifications, how we support employees and trainees and our leadership role within the sectors we train.

Becoming a Careerforce shareholder allows you to vote at our Annual General Meeting, any Special Meetings and to take part in our Board of Directors elections.

Who can become a shareholder?

Employers with trainees completing a Careerforce qualification can contribute to the strategic direction of our company by becoming a shareholder.

We value industry involvement and our shareholding process is set up to encourage participation, not to make a profit. Our shareholders are not liable for any debt incurred and do not receive dividend payments.

Shareholders with active trainees can also receive entitlements based on qualification completion.

Download our Shareholders Agreement to read the full eligibility criteria.

A list of current shareholders is available on the Companies Office website, here.


Shareholders can hold one share for $1.00. An annual membership fee, as determined by the Board of Directors, is also payable. This is currently $100.00 plus GST.

Shareholder qualification contribution

Careerforce shareholders with active, funded trainees in 2016 are eligible for the 2017 shareholder qualification contribution.

Each shareholder will be eligible for a refund of the qualification fee for three to nine qualifications completed in 2017. Each refund is valued at $230.

Number of active trainees in 2015 Number of Shareholder Qualification Contributions eligible for in 2016
1-5 3
6-30 4
31-60 5
61-100 6
101-200 7
201-400 8
400+ 9

If you have any questions about the shareholder qualification contribution, please contact us.

Shareholders Pack

Apply to become a Careerforce shareholder by downloading our Shareholders Pack for full information. Then complete and sign the application form and Deed of Covenant.


Shareholders Agreement

A copy of the Shareholders Agreement is also available for download. This document includes the full eligibility criteria for becoming a Careerforce shareholder.