Māori are an integral part of the New Zealand workforce. 16% of Careerforce trainees are Māori and through quality training we aim to improve the quality of care in Māori communities throughout Aotearoa.

Careerforce is built on Māori values and Te Tiriti o Waitangi as our country’s foundation document.

Strategies for Māori

Throughout Aotearoa we need more Māori students enjoying success at higher levels.  Careerforce aims to increase participation and achievement rates. We are working towards more Māori achieving at levels two, three, four and above, and targeting an 80% successful course completion rate.  Providing trainees with literacy, language and numeracy skills at levels two and three is the highest priority.

Meeting goals for Māori

Careerforce engages with tangata whenua to ensure that our qualifications, their content and delivery meet Māori needs. We work with Māori hauora providers, employers and communities to help identify career pathways and professional development opportunities for Māori.

We are working to develop and include cultural components within all the qualifications Careerforce offers. We already have qualifications designed specifically for Māori students and offer some Māori-based resources.