If you need help filling out any of the forms on this page, please get in touch with us.

Assessor forms

Careerforce assessors are qualified, industry experts who work with trainees to ensure their skills, experience and hard work are recognised in line with NZQA requirements.

Careerforce Registered Assessor Application
Complete this form to apply to be an assessor in the first instance.

Careerforce Registered Assessor Scope Extension Application
If you are already an assessor and wish to extend the standards you can assess, you need to fill out this form.

Careerforce Assessor Re-Registration Application
If you wish to re-register as a Careerforce Assessor, please complete this form.  The form is for people who have been Careerforce Assessors as some point and have been deregistered but now wish to begin again.

Moderation Cover Sheet
Careerforce provides a cover page for assessors to attach to assessments for moderation purposes.

Employer forms

Training Agreement
Complete a Training Agreement to enrol your staff in Careerforce supported training. If you haven’t worked with Careerforce before, please contact us to first set up a training plan in your workplace.

How to fill out a Standard Training Agreement
If you need help completing the Training Agreement, please download this form which should help you.

Organisation Registration Form
If you are new to Careerforce training, please download and complete the Organisation Registration Form and submit it with your Training Agreements.

Organisation Update Form
For any updates or changes to your contact or organisation details, please download and complete the Organisation Update Form.

Download the Training Agreement Extension Request
To apply for a Training Agreement Extension.

Standalone Unit Standards Application Form
If you wish to enrol staff in three or less unit standards (rather than a full qualification), please complete this form.

Training On Hold Form
If you need to put training on hold for one or more of your trainees, please fill out this form and return it to Careerforce.

Request to Terminate Training Agreement
If you have trainees who are no longer going to pursue Careerforce training, use the iportal to terminate a Training Agreement.

Mental Health Support Workers Training Grant
For help covering training costs, your workplace may be eligible to apply for the Mental Health Support Workers Grant.

Assessment Support Payment Agreement
If you are eligible to receive an ASP payment, please contact Careerforce.

Advanced Support (Level 4) Entry Requirement Checklist and Attestation Form
Download the entry requirement checklist and attestation form for the New Zealand Certificate in Health and Wellbeing (Level 4) (Advanced Support).

Trainee and apprentice forms

Unit Standard Exemptions and RPL to Cross Credits
If you have previous unit standards, qualifications, or experience that you think might be relevant to your Careerforce training, you can learn more about exemptions or apply for a cross-credit or a credit transfer.

Appeal of Assessment Result
If you would like to appeal the result of an assessment you have completed, please fill out this form.

Training On Hold Form
If you need to put your training on hold for a while, fill out this form.

Request to Terminate Training Agreement
If you would like to end your training with Careerforce, please use this form.

Education Organisation forms

Our training is predominantly employer led, however other providers can deliver Careerforce qualifications with NZQA approval.

Application for Consent to Assess
Your organisation will need to apply for consent to assess before you can start assessing Careerforce unit standards and qualifications.

Order Assessor Guides
Education providers can order assessor guides for those unit standards within their scope to assess.

Moderation Cover Sheet for Education Providers
Careerforce provides a cover page to attach to assessments for moderation purposes.

Gateway Training Agreement
If you have students who wish to participate in a Careerforce Gateway programme, complete this form.