The Careerforce Apprenticeship Programmes are supported, workplace training programmes leading to the New Zealand Certificate in Health and Wellbeing (Level 4) in one of three areas, Social and Community Services, Primary Care Practice Assistance or Rehabilitation Support.

These programmes are for people in advanced support roles who work with a range of people, conditions and situations from the routine to the complex. The underpinning philosophy of these programmes is the development of a person-centred, thinking and reflective workforce.

A new level of training support

One of the key differences with apprenticeship training is the presence of an Apprenticeship Advisor. This is someone who walks alongside the apprentice and supports the relationship between the apprentice, the employer and the training. This approach supports the development of an employee whose learning and growth is self-sustaining.

The Apprenticeship Advisor acts as “coach” providing one-on-one support appropriate to the individual apprentice and their needs. Some apprentices may need a higher level of support, for example, rural apprentices who feel isolated.

In addition, there are support resources available on MyPath that the apprentice accesses to help with their learning.

It’s a level 4 qualification

Careerforce Apprenticeship Programmes lead to the New Zealand Certificate in Health and Wellbeing
(Level 4) in one of three areas:

  • Social and Community Services
  • Primary Care Practice Assistance
  • Rehabilitation Support.

One difference between a level 4 qualification and a level 2 or 3, is that the apprentice is in a role where they are working with limited supervision or may have some form of leadership role themselves. In addition, the people they’re supporting may have unpredictable and complex needs.

The Level 4 programme presents a new learning opportunity and a new learning style. It will stretch the apprentice giving them scope to explore special interest areas in greater depth. It moves them from being reactive to being proactive. Learning at level 4 is self-directed with broad guidance from the employer and more supported guidance from the Apprenticeship Advisor.

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