New Zealand Certificate in Health and Wellbeing (Primary Care Practice Assistance)

Level 4, 120 credits

The New Zealand Apprenticeship in Primary Care Practice Assistance is for experienced staff already working as practice assistants, or for experienced medical receptionists who wish to expand their skills and the support they can provide to the practice.

The Primary Care Practice Assistance programme includes developing the following core competencies:

  • engaging and communicating with people, family and/or whānau who are accessing primary care services in a manner which respects their socio-cultural identity, experiences and self-knowledge.
  • the ability to relate the unique place Māori have as tangata whenua and knowledge of person-whānau interconnectedness to their own role.
  • actively contribute to a culture of professionalism, safety and quality within your primary care organisation.
  • understanding New Zealand’s health and wellbeing challenges and the purpose and impact of their own role.
  • apply knowledge of primary care to support people, family and/or whānau, and your healthcare team.
  • gaining an in-depth knowledge of a condition, impairment, situation or issue and applying the new knowledge to support clients.
  • perform routine clinical tasks in a primary care practice setting under direction and delegation and contribute to the effective functioning of primary care practice administration and quality systems.

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