The Care and Support Worker (Pay Equity) Settlement Act 2017 new wage rates are mapped against the employees’ current qualifications or their service with their current employer.

The ACT specifies these qualifications must be:

  1. I) a Level 2, 3 or 4 New Zealand Certificate in Health and Wellbeing from an NZQA accredited provider or;
  2. II) a qualification that has been assessed as equivalent by Careerforce.

The Government has tasked Careerforce with the role of assessing care and support qualifications for pay equity purposes. This is because we are the Industry Training Organisation for the Health and Wellbeing sectors and the Government-appointed body that sets skill standards, develops and facilitates achievement of NZQA qualifications across all our sectors.

How Careerforce Assesses Qualification Equivalencies

Are you wondering how Careerforce assesses qualifications for pay equity purposes? Let us explain the process, so you know you’re in good hands once you send in your qualification equivalency query.

Equivalency Requirements

As the Industry Training Organisation for the Health and Wellbeing sectors, Careerforce has been tasked by the Government to lead establishing the equivalency of existing or expired care and support qualifications to New Zealand Health and Wellbeing qualifications.

We are now receiving requests about qualifications that may or may not be relevant to the care and support role. Please note it can take considerable time and analysis to establish the relevancy of these qualifications and qualifications are being added to the list as they are assessed.

Please check if your qualification is on the list of Equivalent or Non-Equivalent qualifications. If your qualification is not on the list, please contact us using the form above. If you have already submitted a qualification query, you can expect a reply soon.