We are changing the way we assess for literacy and numeracy to include all trainees who have not previously experienced tertiary-level education.

The Tertiary Education Commission acknowledges that their blanket rule of assessing only Level 2 trainees does not identify people enrolled at higher levels who may have learning support needs.  It also does not take into account people entering our industry at Level 2 but with higher qualifications from previous careers.

So we will be introducing new criteria for literacy and numeracy assessments.

In future, all trainees (enrolling at all levels) who:

  • have a New Zealand tertiary qualification at Level 3 or above, or
  • have a New Zealand university qualification, or
  • have an overseas tertiary qualification delivered in the English language,

do not need to complete a literacy and numeracy assessment.

Conversely, all trainees who do not have the tertiary experience listed above, or who have an overseas tertiary qualification that was delivered in a language other than English, will be required to complete a literacy and numeracy assessment.

We understand it will take some time for you to modify your training enrolment processes to meet these changes so Careerforce will implement this change over the last quarter of 2018.

Please note: if your trainee completed literacy and numeracy assessments at Level 2, they will not be required to repeat these assessments when enrolling in higher-level qualifications.

Please see the Literacy and Numeracy Workplace Guide for more information:
Download Literacy and Numeracy Workplace Guide

If you are new to these assessments, this guide gives detail on how Client Services set up login codes for online assessments (p.3), or how you can download a paper-based version (p.4) if you prefer.

If you have any questions, please contact Cushla Wilson, Literacy and Numeracy Advisor,, 04 550 2426  |  027 838 9512.