Introducing the Careerforce Moderation Team

Manager National Moderation Team:  Rick Sloman
National Moderator:   Damon Harrison
National Moderator:   Heather Reeves-Timms
National Moderator:  Wiremu Bayliss

The Moderation team is responsible for moderation of all workplace and contract assessors, education providers using our unit standards, and pre-moderation of new Careerforce assessments. The team is based in the Wellington Careerforce office, and can be contacted on 0800 277 486 or via email:

What do I send in or bring to peer moderation workshops?

Have you assessed any units from the Careerforce 5 year plan? If YES, Include samples of these.
If not, just include samples of assessments you have done.
Include a minimum of 3 assessment samples per year.

How old can samples be?

Must be under 6 month’s old, but preferably under 3 months.

Integrated Assessment

Some assessments cover 2 or more unit standards e.g. 28350, 28351, 28352, 28353.
An integrated assessment counts as ONE sample, regardless of how many unit standards are covered. Do not break up integrated assessments. Send the entire assessment.
Some organisations use their own assessments which cover large parts of qualifications in modules or booklets and which may take months for a trainee to complete. Examples include Bupa, Idea Services, HHL, DHBs etc.

If you work for an organisation using large integrated assessments that incorporate multiple units (5 or more), please send in the whole assessment when completed.  Do not break up the assessment into its component units as we will moderate the whole assessment, not the individual units.  Contact with any queries.

When should moderation be completed by?

All moderation samples must be with the National Moderators before 31 October each year.

You can post or email samples of assessments at any time before this. You don’t have to wait until you have three samples to send together, especially if you have limited numbers of trainees. You can send in single assessments as you complete them. You can also send extra samples at any time if you would like feedback or help from the National Moderators.

How long do I need to keep assessments?

Assessments should normally be retained for one year. This is to ensure that further assessment samples are available if issues are identified during annual moderation.  Once moderation has been completed however, assessments prior to the date of completion of annual moderation are not required to be held.

The annual internal moderation cycle is based on the calendar year between I January and 31 October each year.  If assessors complete moderation early in the year, they will have fewer assessments to store for moderation.

Once annual moderation is completed. assessments only need to be held for one month after a result is entered to allow for any specific sampling requests.

Random sample requests will be of recently entered assessments and will not need to be held once moderation of these samples is completed.

Link to assessor registration requirements?

You must have completed moderation before your annual assessor registration expires to remain an assessor. Aim to do this at least two months before your re-registration date to ensure we can complete moderation and processing in time to allow you to continue assessing.

If you have no trainees and no assessments for moderation, please let us know so we can give you the best advice.

Enquiries about assessor registration should be sent to

New assessor requirements?

Following the REAL Assessor Workshop, you must send in your first two assessments to the Learning Engagement Advisor who facilitates your workshop.

Your first two assessments will be reviewed by the assessor support team to give you feedback and help you to get familiar with the assessment process, but these will not be moderated at this stage. Once any remedial work has been done, you should send these two plus your third assessment in to the National Moderators for your first moderation. 

Extension to assessor scope?

You must submit your first three assessments of scope extension units for moderation.  This will enable us to help with feedback and advice when assessing a new subject. 

How do I complete moderation?

Peer Moderation Workshops

The schedule of workshops is available here.

We offer workshops between March and October throughout the country where you can bring along assessment samples and have them peer moderated. The workshops are great to network with other assessors and to learn from each other. A National Moderator will facilitate and answer your questions. A certificate of attendance is issued as part of your professional development needs for your workplace.

If your organisation has a large group of assessors, talk to us about arranging a peer moderation workshop for your workplace.

Post or Email your samples to us at any time. Either:

Ensure that you attach a moderation coversheet with your assessments.

Random sampling requests?

You may receive a request for assessment samples of a specific unit standard shortly after entering a result in iportal.  These requests are to meet external NZQA requirements or to help us to evaluate a unit standard or assessment tool.

These will contribute towards meeting your requirements for moderation but may be additional to the minimum requirements.

More information

Please visit the other moderation pages on this website or contact

029The Moderation Process outlined on this page is explained on the Moderation Update document here.