All accredited education organisations assessing against Careerforce unit standards are required to undergo moderation.

Cluster moderation workshops

The 2018 moderation workshop timetable can be downloaded here.

If you have any questions, please email our National Moderator.

Moderation forms

Careerforce provides a series of forms and templates to assist with Pre and Post Moderation.

Moderation requirements

The current moderation requirements can be found in the Moderation Procedures.

Careerforce requires a minimum of three samples from each delivery site per year.  Please talk to our National Moderator to confirm specific requirements for your organisation.

Education organisation forms

Our training is predominantly employer led, however other providers can deliver Careerforce qualifications with NZQA approval. Your organisation will need to apply for consent to assess, before you can start assessing Careerforce unit standards and qualifications.

Education providers can order assessor guides for those unit standards within their scope to assess.

Careerforce provides a cover page to attach to assessments. You can access this template here.

Appealing moderation decisions

Any organisation or individual with consent to assess may lodge an appeal against a moderation decision or process.

The first step is to seek a negotiated solution with the National Moderator.  The full disputes and appeals process is contained in the Moderation Procedures.

We welcome feedback on unit standards. If a unit standard is causing you concern or you wish to make suggestions please email our National Moderator.