For High School Students

If you want a rewarding job improving the health and wellbeing of New Zealanders, a career in the health and wellbeing, disability, youth work, social services or hygiene sectors could be the best choice for you. We offer programmes for High Schools that will give you some real life work experience, as well as giving you some valuable knowledge and skills.

Vocational Pathways – Programmes are designed to help students have a better understanding of the workplace, and the qualifications and skills required by industry. More information about Vocational Pathways and a Vocational Pathways Award can be found on the Youth Guarantee website

Inspiring Heroes Guide – This guide can be used to assist young people as you get ready for your transition into the wider world of employment, training and/or further education.

The Guide lists 15 careers in the health and wellbeing, disability and aged support, social services, cleaning and pest control sectors.  It highlights what a worker can expect to do in a typical day, what characteristics and aptitudes suit these roles, how to get qualified and what the career pathways are. Download a copy of the Inspiring Heroes Guide.




More information

  • CareersNZ provides information, advice and guidance about job, study and training options. Check out their website
  • Talk to your School Careers Advisor or Gateway Coordinator.