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Healthcare Assistant

Job posted: 04/03/2022
Job closes: 19/12/2022

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Nova Health

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About the Company/Organisation

Nova Health is a specialist healthcare agency that works alongside many rest homes and hospitals within your community.  We also work with private clients to assist with specialist care at home, particularly palliative care, as well as Hospice, disability support services and more.
With a large network of highly trained professional nurses, healthcare assistants and clinical staff, we have a range of skills that can complement almost any situation or environment.

At Nova Health we focus on keeping it simple, personal and being the best at what we do. Our highly experienced staff provide wrap-around care to suit our client’s unique situation and environment. We are a boutique agency with an emphasis on personal service and quality care.

How to Apply

Please apply via our website

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Job Description

At Nova Health, we are always looking for experienced, qualified and flexible Healthcare Assistants. You must have built up a great set of skills through your time in the health sector and above all have a passion to care. You need to be comfortable walking into unfamiliar territory and have confidence in your own ability. Working for Nova Health, you’ll have the opportunity to work in lots of different locations. It’s exciting and no two days will be the same.

Agency work is not always for everyone, so you need to be sure you are committed, and prepared for, any and all situations that might be thrown at you. Often, we cover shifts with very little notice and our clients rely on us to help them out when they run short, you will need to be prepared to travel within the region to ensure we look after all our clients.

Some of the skills you will require include:

  • Trained and comfortable in working in a range of environments
  • Competent in using all equipment and techniques common within the industry
  • Good attitude and fantastic people skills
  • Common sense (and a sense of humour!) – adaptable to any situation
  • The ability to travel to various sites
If you know you’re an excellent caregiver/healthcare assistant with a good attitude, great communication, and skill set, then we have a job for you. You’ll be working for our various in home, rest-home, hospital and DHB clients who come to us for exceptional staff to help them provide the best service and care possible.

This is what we’re after:

  • Trained (NZQA Level 3 or 4 qualification preferred) and comfortable in working in aged care facilities, hospitals, Hospice, in-home and more
  • Competent in using equipment and techniques associated with the above facilities (this ranges from using hoists to safe moving and handling skills, from toileting to feeding and wheelchair/bed driving skills)
  • Good attitude and fantastic people skills
  • Common sense – adaptable to any situation
  • Communication – being contactable and responsive when you have stated that you’re available
  • Flexibility to work irregular hours and having availability that helps us to look after our clients when they need us most
  • The ability to travel to the various sites we service
  • Experience in palliative care
  • A passion to care!
In return for your amazing set of skills, we will remunerate you well, offer practical and helpful support when you need it most, and give you the hours that will suit you and your lifestyle. There is even the opportunity to gain practical qualifications while working with us, and these can help you with your future and career. Applicants for this position should have NZ residency or a valid NZ work permit.

Read and follow the instructions on how to apply for this job. We do not accept applications on behalf of the employer. Only contact the employer if you have questions that are not specified in the job description.

Contact the employer if you have questions about the role that isn’t otherwise stated in the job post. Otherwise, please follow the instructions on how to apply for this job.


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