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Healthcare Assistants – Waikato, BoP, Auckland

Job posted: 29/07/2021
Job closes: 31/12/2021

Company/Organisation Name:

Nova Health

Company/Organisation Website:

About the Company/Organisation

Nova Health is committed to providing an exceptional level of care and service to all its clients through communication, education, innovation and passion.

Nova Health was established in April 2008, aiming to fill a gap in the market and support palliative patients within the community.

Nova Health is a specialist healthcare agency that works alongside many rest homes and hospitals within your community.  We also work with private clients to assist with specialist care at home, particularly palliative care.
With a large network of highly trained professional nurses, healthcare assistants and clinical staff, we have a range of skills that can complement almost any situation or environment.

We are very fortunate to have a close-knit team of highly experienced and dedicated healthcare professionals. We are like one big family and make every effort to deliver the best care possible. Our organisation is very personable and we believe in building strong relationships with all our clients and staff in order to deliver a high level of service.

How to Apply

Please apply via our website

Any questions? Email

Job Description

Nova Health is looking for experienced Healthcare Assistants to help take care of our clients in a variety of settings - aged care, public and private hospitals, Hospice, in-home care, community living and more... We work around the availability you provide to us - choose the days and shifts you want to work, work as much or as little you like in a week. Apply now:

Read and follow the instructions on how to apply for this job. We do not accept applications on behalf of the employer. Only contact the employer if you have questions that are not specified in the job description.

Contact the employer if you have questions about the role that isn’t otherwise stated in the job post. Otherwise, please follow the instructions on how to apply for this job.


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