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Vocational Support Person

Job posted: 28/10/2020
Job closes: 30/11/2020
Company/Organisation Name: Chris Ruth Centre Trust
Company/Organisation Website:
About the Company/Organisation

We are a charitable trust that has been operating since 1998. We support the EGL principles with a high focus on community participation and activities.

More information available on our website.


How to Apply

Please send your application which should include a cover letter and CV with contact details for at least 2 referees to

Please indicate how many days a week you would prefer.


Job Description Positions range from 2 days - 5 days per week. Paid hours are 5.5 per day. Full drivers licence is preferable. Please see job description below

Read and follow the instructions on how to apply for this job. We do not accept applications on behalf of the employer. Only contact the employer if you have questions that are not specified in the job description.

Contact the employer if you have questions about the role that isn’t otherwise stated in the job post. Otherwise, please follow the instructions on how to apply for this job.


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