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Wellness Partner

Job posted: 17/05/2022
Job closes: 05/07/2022

Company/Organisation Name:

Arvida - Ashwood Park

How to Apply

Please apply by contacting either Lucy Moore or Angelea Stanton on 03 577 9990 or via email

Job Description

As Wellness Partner you will be supporting older people to live in an environment which is relationship focused and resident directed. You will be part of a household team who support residents to Eat, Move, Engage, Rest and Think Well daily. Your daily roles and responsibilities will include but are not limited to: - Working in partnership with residents to support their personal care needs as outlined in their individual care plan, whilst enabling them to maintain skills and a sense of independence. Providing opportunities for resident involvement in activities of purpose and meaning within their household, the wider village and wider community. In choosing to work with Arvida, you will be passionate about looking for ways to improve residents’ lives, putting people first and finding better ways to do things.

Read and follow the instructions on how to apply for this job. We do not accept applications on behalf of the employer. Only contact the employer if you have questions that are not specified in the job description.

Contact the employer if you have questions about the role that isn’t otherwise stated in the job post. Otherwise, please follow the instructions on how to apply for this job.


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