“How do you want your organisation to be perceived?”

This is an important question when building your brand, strengthening your image and bringing in new clients. Alongside the quality of your products and services, the way you interact with clients can make or break your image.

The responsibility for maintaining a good image for your organisation relies not just on you. You have administration and reception staff that are tasked to create a good first impression. In this day and age, the role has evolved and we expect more from them. It is critical that they’re equipped to meet the expectations of their evolving roles.

Roles of the modern day administration and reception staff

Business ambassador
Your administration and reception staff are the first point of contact for your clients. They are the first voice heard over the phone. At that first point of contact, they are forming an impression about your organisation, products and services.

Your business ambassadors should be trained to effectively communicate with all sorts of people. They should be able to handle a range of customer interactions, including difficult customers. Most importantly, they should know to handle this according your organisation’s policies, procedures and work practices.

For your business ambassador

Client experience manager
The performance of your administration and reception staff can influence the client experience. Will they step into your door with a smile or a frown because of how their appointment booking experience went? Will they leave feeling happily supported with all the information they need?

Your client experience managers should be flexible and responsive to changing customer needs. They should be able to respond to customer enquiries according to your work practices. They should have the ability to think on their feet and be able to manage client expectations.


Admin superstar
We don’t expect administration and reception staff to just handle phone calls anymore. We expect them to support the running of your organisation through efficient administration. They are also making significant contributions to various teams within your organisation.

Your admin superstar should be able to manage information ethically and with integrity. They should be able to direct client information or queries to the right team member. They must be able to adapt as new technology and systems emerge.


New training programme for your administration and reception staff

The Certificate in Business Administration and Technology for the Social, Health and Hygiene sectors is designed for new and experienced administration and reception staff. The aim of this workplace training programme is to recognise professional standards for administration staff working in the social, health, aged care, disability, community, cleaning and urban pest management sectors. It includes a range of interpersonal and front desk skills.

Read more about the Certificate in Business and Administration Level 3

 How can we help you?

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