Have you seen your year in review video on Facebook? Careerforce has just recently gone social so our social media review will not be as interesting as many of yours. Outside of social media however, there are many big wins and important moments to celebrate.  Let’s take a look back at what was achieved in 2016 before looking forward to 2017 which “promises to be busy, challenging and full of opportunities!” according to Careerforce CEO, Ray Lind.

AUT Business School Excellence in Business Support Award

Careerworce wins AUT Business School Excellence in Business Support AwardsCareerforce received recognition during the AUT Business School Excellence in Business Support Award (Not for Profit Category) for our commitment to supporting organisations achieve success through workplace training. Beating three other companies in the category, it was a great achievement and acknowledgment of the hard work that everyone in the company does. Careerforce was represented at the awards ceremony by Bruce Johnson, GM Business Services who received the award on 5 October. “Winning the award would not have been possible without the collective team effort of everyone in the company. It is a solid validation of the work that we do, and the passion which our people have for improving the health and wellbeing of all New Zealanders,’ says Bruce.

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Launch of Apprenticeships for the health and wellbeing sector

Careerforce REAL Apprenticeships Stamp2016 saw the launch of apprenticeship programmes – a first for the health and wellbeing and social and community sectors.  The apprenticeship programmes were developed in consultation with the sector to meet current and future needs. They ensure that the skills gained are the skills needed in the workplace.  “We work closely with the sector to understand the needs of clients, employees and employers. We are also asking apprentices what difference the training is making to their work and the support they provide to clients,” says Gill Genet, GM Business Development.

An Apprenticeship in health and wellbeing is about people. It’s about people increasing their skills and competence to provide better service to the people they support. It’s about people making a real difference.

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It took a lot of work to be able to launch apprenticeships in the health and wellbeing sector. Apprenticeship Advisors worked closely with employers to get them up and running. Employers, apprentices and Careerforce need to be committed to make this work. “It has been exciting to see the first lot of apprentices enrolled and now successfully progressing. We are looking forward to the output of the mini-research project. We will be supporting them every step of the way until their completion,” says Penny Rogers, Apprenticeship and Vocational Pathways Manager.

With the apprenticeship delivery being supported by an online learning and assessment support tool, it’s a highly cost effective and efficient approach for employers and apprentices.

Learning and assessment online through MyPath

Careerforce - MyPath Logo MyPath, the Careerforce online learning and assessment tool was launched. It was developed to complement on the job training and coaching in the workplace. Through MyPath, apprentices can access their learning and assessment anytime, anywhere with an internet connection. Some of the great features of MyPath include: interactive learning activities built into theory content; assessor and trainee support forums; and automatically marked theory assessments. It’s free to access to all enrolled apprentices and trainees of Careerforce.

There are a number of Careerforce programmes with learning and assessment online including:

REAL approach is making a difference

Early in 2016, Careerforce introduced the REAL (respectful, efficient, applied, living) approach to training. It‘s been well received by employers, assessors and trainees alike. The REAL approach is designed to respect and recognise the skills and experience of the employees. It makes on the job training efficient as it focuses on learning to fill the gaps in skills and knowledge needed for the specific role. New learning can then be applied immediately on the job. The training is also living and adapting to new technologies, government policies and changes to ensure that training is relevant.

Throughout the year, Careerforce held REAL Workshops to introduce the REAL approach to workplace and mobile assessors.

63 workshops held at

29 different locations across the country with over

700 attendees from different sectors

The REAL approach to training is now being integrated in different workplaces across New Zealand. The response has been incredibly positive. Trainees are motivated to complete their qualification because their existing skills are being recognised. The length of training is significantly reduced which saves a lot of time and effort for everyone involved. The transfer of learning into real life is being observed.

“Everything we do is about making a positive difference. We are now asking the question – what difference is training making to the trainees and apprentices, and equally important, to the clients being supported,” explains Gill Genet.

Careerforce is committed to continuously improving our support services and product offerings for 2017. “You can expect new and exciting workplace training programmes in 2017. There will be more ‘firsts’ for the health and wellbeing sectors,” Gill hints.


How can we help you in 2017?

Contact Careerforce at 0800 277 486 or send us a message at info@careerforce.org.nz to have a Careerforce Advisor get in touch with you.


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