Currently we don’t have enough people working in the health and wellbeing sectors to look after our ageing and diverse population. This problem is expected to grow.

This shortage is a great opportunity for the super heroes of the future who are considering a career in these areas.

There’s room for young people making their first career choices or anyone considering a change of career.

A guide has been produced for careers advisors, or others who support people making career decision e.g. parents, friends and whānau. It can be used to assist young people as they get ready for their transition into the wider world of employment, training and/or further education. It’s also useful for individuals who themselves wish to pursue a career in these sectors.

Guides were circulated to Careers Advisers, Transition teachers and Gateway Coordinators at the November CATE 2016 conference in Hamilton.

Fifteen careers in the health and wellbeing, disability and age support, social services, cleaning and pest control sectors are covered. For each career, the Guide highlights what a worker can expect to do in a typical day, what characteristics and aptitudes suit these roles, how to get qualified and what the career pathways are.

Careers featured include:

Youth Workers – who turn a passion for helping young people into a career.
Social Services Workers – who help the vulnerable in their community – making a difference to people’s lives.
Mental Health Support Workers – who help people find hope in the dark.
Navigators – who empower people to take control of their own care.
Community Workers – who make a real difference in the lives of those who don’t have the skills to help themselves.
Disability Support Workers – who enjoy a rewarding and satisfying career supporting people with disabilities.
Diversional Therapists – who help people let their creativity loose and support them to pursue new interests and activities.
Aged Care Worker – who make a difference in the lives of those who made a difference in theirs.
Vision and Hearing Technicians – who perform a vital service working with children.
Dental Assistants – who choose a great stepping stone to a professional medical career.
Physiotherapy Assistants – who help people improve their physical movement.
Brain Injury Rehabilitation Assistants – who help people get their lives back on track after a brain injury.
Exterminators – who are the superheroes keeping people safe by getting rid of the vermin.
Cleaners – who enjoy a great career path to their own business.

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