Staff came together for the 2016 Pacific Homecare end of year function, to celebrate the achievements of the year including graduations, a weight loss challenge and employees of the month. Although a tough year for the homecare sector, it was a celebration of success and a thank you to Pacific Homecare staff for their efforts and hard work.

Pacific Homecare is a Charitable Trust providing home-based health care services throughout South Auckland to the disabled and the elderly. They take a sensitive cultural approach to their work, respecting cultural differences, requirements and preferences for all clients.

Celebrating Success

Pacific Homecare

Left to right: Louisa Ryan (Chair of Pacific Homecare), Tifi Samau (Resource Coordinator receiving her certification) and Denise Mackres (Careerforce)

Among those celebrating success were the 35 graduates who completed their New Zealand Qualifications in Health and Wellbeing.

“It’s making a world of difference in the lives of our clients and workforce through empowering our staff with skills and qualifications that really matter in the everyday situation,’’ says Pacific Homecare CEO Hamish Crooks. “That’s how Careerforce enables our team through the New Zealand Qualification in Health and Wellbeing at level 2 and level 3”.

Held at Papatoetoe’s Cozzie Club, the Pacific Homecare end of year function had a lot to celebrate.   “It’s a real privilege to work alongside this organisation.  They do great work with their people,” says Denise Mackres from Careerforce who presented certificates to graduates.

MC Taua Malaetele, Pacific Homecare’s Fia Ola Coordinator, entertained throughout, with his antics and insider knowledge of Pacific Homecare. Taua also received a big thank you for the great job he has done throughout the year keeping Fia Ola running and making it a must-attend for clients.

Mama Pi Elisaia, one of two original founders of Pacific Homecare, assisted CEO Hamish Crooks with drawing out spot-prize winners for the evening.

Pacific Homecare CEO Hamish Crooks addressed the team and thanked them for another year.

“This year has had its challenges, but the fact our organisation is nearing its 3rd decade while others are closing up is a testament to the dedication of our team,” he said.

“Work qualification standards continue to rise with Level 3 being the minimum expected in our industry. The fact that more of our team are rising to the challenges is worth celebrating.”

Fourteen graduates were awarded with NZ Qualification Health and Wellbeing Level 2 certificates and 21 graduates were awarded with Level 3 certificates.

Understanding and responding to Pasifika clients

Hamish is a strong advocate of the training. “I believe the training modules empower the staff members’ knowledge and skill-base to respond more specifically to different clients with different health needs.

“The training assists them with good basic knowledge they may also be able to communicate this knowledge more effectively to the client within a cultural and language framework where applicable.

“It also assists them in keeping services within the correct care plan frameworks and provides better safety and outcomes for both worker and clients.

Flexible training that meets the community needs of Pasifika staff

“We have adapted the training workshops and modules that work in with the timing of our staff needs. Level 2 is delivered in a 3-day workshop with follow-up group sessions when and where required to ensure staff are up to speed.   This is followed up with on the job assessment by field coordinators. We also give them at home practical and theory exercises during school holidays.

“Level 3 is delivered every week where possible and again we look for group sessions to catch up on outstanding work, as well as following up with on the job assessment.  This assists in getting as many care workers through the requirements of Level 2 and Level 3 where possible.

“We have also introduced Everyday Leaders programme as our workplace literacy programme to support them pre and during Level 2 and level 3 qualifications.

“It’s making a world of difference in the lives of our clients and workforce.”

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