This page will be added to over time. It holds some of the frequently asked questions we’re receiving about the Care and Support Workers (Pay Equity) Settlement.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the process Careerforce follows for determining qualification equivalency for Pay Equity purposes?

My qualification is on the list, but it is equivalent to a lower level qualification. Why is this?

There are a number of reasons why this might be. It might be due to the number of credits in the original qualification. Or it may be that the content covered is not equivalent to the NZ Certificate in Health and Wellbeing at the same level.

What can an employee do to attain a qualification if they only have the ACE Programme?

A: The employee will need to complete specific unit standards that achieve 16 credits to get the National Certificate in Health, Disability and Aged Support (Core Competencies) Level 3. This will give them equivalency to the New Zealand Certificate in Health and Wellbeing Level 3. These units need to be completed by 30 June 2018.

Required actions:

  1. Check the status of the trainee:
    If they have transitioned to Careerforce and have completed or are continuing in the ACE programme then they need to complete an extension form available from Careerforce.
    If they completed their ACE programme with HET and are not in the Careerforce system then they need to complete a Careerforce Training Agreement
  2. In section K of the training agreement enter the National Certificate in Health Disability and Aged Support (Core Competencies)
  3. In section L of the training agreement list the following unit standards. These are the units that must be completed to achieve the required 16 credits:

23380 – Describe and apply culturally safe Maori operating principles and values in health, disability, or community setting.

1836 – Recognise indicators and describe responses to suspected abuse of people using health or disability services

23392 – Describe ethical behaviour in a health, disability or community setting

23385 – Demonstrate knowledge of advocacy and self-advocacy in a health or wellbeing setting

  1. Careerforce assessments must be used and can be downloaded from Careerforce to ensure the latest version is used.
  2. Cost is $110.00 GST inclusive.
  3. The trainee will be awarded the National Certificate in Health, Disability and Aged Support (Core Competencies) level 3. They will receive a Careerforce badge and certificate. There will not be an ACE certificate for this programme.
  4. Enrolment must be received by 1 September 2017.
  5. Careerforce had already closed off enrolments into the National Certificate programmes as part of the transition plan to the New Zealand qualifications. We have agreed to reopen enrolments for a limited period of time as a service to care and support staff wanting to gain qualification equivalency as part of the pay equity arrangements. This opportunity is time bound. Trainees must complete these units by 30 June 2018.

What happens if a trainee has copies of completed and assessed work that has not been reported to NZQA?

A: The trainee will need to enrol in the NZ Certificate in Health and Wellbeing Level 3. The Careerforce REAL process will use the assessments as evidence of competence so that the trainee only needs to complete assessments that have not already been marked as competent. Normal qualification fees apply.

If a NZ trained enrolled or previously registered nurse is working as a care and support worker, what is their qualification equivalent to?

A: There is information on the MoH website regarding this. Please refer to the MoH document here.

I have been advised by Careerforce (staff or website) that my qualification is not equivalent.  How do I appeal this decision?

A: To appeal a decision that Careerforce has made please email a scanned copy of your qualification, the course/module/paper descriptors from your education provider (note this must be the education organization that awarded your qualification) and your job description to Please make sure you include your full name and contact details in the email.