As it is 5 years since the NZ Diploma in Hearing Therapy (Level 6) was approved, NZQA requires a review of the qualification to be carried out.

There is currently only 1 training programme leading to this qualification, and this is being delivered by the Life Unlimited Charitable Trust.

Careerforce met with representatives of Life Unlimited to draft an amended qualification document that meets NZQA’s current requirements.  

Suggested amendments

There is only one amendment to the Graduate Profile Outcomes suggested by the review.

  • It is proposed that the wording of Graduate Outcome 4 be amended
Outcome 4 (amended)

Be fully accountable for own learning and professional practice in complex and dynamic contexts/systems to provide a constantly improving, customised outcomes-focused service.

Proposed amendment

Provide a constantly improving customised outcome-focused hearing therapy service by managing own learning through on-going professional development.

Other amendment

  • As NZQA has decided that ‘Conditions’ will be removed from the Outcomes table within the qualification document, these will be published these on Careerforce’s web-site as ‘Guidance for Programme Developers’.
  • The list of possible employment pathways has been trimmed to be more focused on qualification outcomes.
  • The practicum requirement has been changed to 200 hours to fit with training (in place of the previous requirement that related to membership of HTANZ for graduates.)


We are now seeking feedback to the revised qualification document. 

If your organisation wishes to provide feedback on the proposed amended qualification document or the guidelines document, please reply to before close of business 13 September 2019.

Hearing Therapy L6 Qualification draft for consultation

Hearing Therapy L6 Guidance Notes for programme developers