Information Gathering (9 Jul – 31 Aug 2018)

The information gathering phase commences on 9 July 2018 with an online or face-to-face consultation options. Stakeholders are invited to provide feedback on the current qualifications covered on the scope of the review.

Tertiary Education Organisations are encouraged to consult their stakeholders during this period.

Formal Review/Engagement (1 Sept – 30 Nov 2018)

Careerforce will facilitate a formal NZQA qualification review. We’ll update all stakeholders on the process.

NZQA Submission Development (1 Dec – 15 Dec 2018)

Careerforce will collate all feedback from the stakeholder engagement and prepare to submit the recommended changes to qualifications with NZQA.

NZQA Analysis and Approval (16 Dec 2018 – 31 Mar 2019)

NZQA will analyse the recommendations as a result of the review.