The NZ Diploma in Vision Habilitation/Rehabilitation (Level 7) was approved 5 years ago and is now due for the required NZQA qualification review.

There is currently only 1 training programme leading to this qualification, and this is being delivered by the Blind Foundation.

Careerforce met with representatives of the Blind Foundation to draft an amended qualification document that meets NZQA’s current requirements.

Suggested amendments

The suggested amendments to the qualification are the following:

  • In the Education Pathway section an additional statement has been added to leave the door open for candidates who have relevant experience but who might not meet the previous criteria.

‘The qualification provides a pathway for people with a disability-focussed qualification at level 4, 5, or 6 to progress within the health and disability qualifications framework; for people already holding other higher-level qualifications in a Human Service related field, seeking to focus on one of the vision rehabilitation/habilitation specialisations; and for people with relevant experience.’

  • The wording of the Graduate Outcomes for each of the strands has been ‘tweaked’ to meet NZQA’s requirement that outcomes start with an active verb.  These are cosmetic changes rather than changes of substance or consequence.  (The 4 core outcomes do not need to be changed as they already start with active verbs.)
  • As NZQA has decided that ‘Conditions’ will be removed from the Outcomes table within the qualification document, these will be published on Careerforce’s website as ‘Guidance for Programme Developers’.

We are now seeking feedback to the revised qualification document. 

If your organisation wishes to provide feedback, please read through the proposed revised qualification document and the guidance notes document, and email your comments to before close of business 9 August 2019.

Vision Rehab L7 Qualification draft for consultation

Vision Rehab L7 Guidance Notes for programme developers