Last updated: 21 June 2019

Review of youth work qualifications

In 2014 Careerforce registered the New Zealand Certificate in Youth Work (Level 3) and the New Zealand Certificate in Youth Work (Level 4) with NZQA. These qualifications are now due for review as part of NZQA’s requirement to review qualifications every 5 years.

Background information

Throughout 2017 and 2018 Careerforce representatives consulted with youth workers, trainees, peak bodies, providers and youth work representatives at various youth work hui and conferences (e.g. Involve) on our youth work qualifications.

We received strong support and demand for the development of the New Zealand Diploma in Youth Work (Level 6). The feedback we received helped us to develop the diploma and confirmed a continued need for youth work specific qualifications for youth workers.

The sector also indicated that the current youth work qualifications at Level 3 and 4 are fit for purpose and that they can see clear education pathways towards the diploma at Level 6 and tertiary study in youth development if desired.

Recommendation – no current change to qualifications

In February 2019, we recommended that we make changes to the current qualifications based on the feedback we received from the youth work sector. The sector provided support to this recommendation by providing their attestations. 

Minor changes required

We have now heard from NZQA after submitting the recommendations that minor changes are required to the qualifications. 

The minor changes simply required the removal of information that is already on NZQA’s website, the deletion of some parts that were redundant, and the shifting of some text from one section to another.

Changes to graduate outcomes

The key changes required are on the Graduate Profile Outcomes in both youth work qualifications. Graduate profile outcomes demonstrate what a graduate of the qualification needs to know and can do.

Edits were made to the wording of the graduate outcomes to strengthen the intent of the outcomes and support positive youth development in our communities.

Read the summary of the key changes

Updated Youth Work Level 3 qualification document

Updated Youth Work Level 4 qualification document

The revised qualification documents are now with NZQA. We are awaiting feedback.

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How will Careerforce address changes in the sector?

We can cover future changes when we get to the programme review. This is where we will incorporate your feedback and suggestions into specific unit standards, topics, and training delivery changes you may wish to make.

You can submit your feedback now to contribute to the programme review.

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