Last updated: 5 October 2020

Thank you to all who have participated in the qualification review of the New Zealand Certificate in Health and Wellbeing (Primary Care Practice Assistance) (Level 4). A qualification review ensures that qualifications remain needed, fit-for-purpose, and meets the needs of the industry.

As part of the review, we asked for your feedback on the strategic purpose, graduate profile outcomes, education and employment pathways of the qualification. 

We are pleased to share our findings and recommendations. 

The consultation demonstrated a strong level of agreement overall with the specifications of the New Zealand Certificate in Health and Wellbeing (Primary Care Practice Assistance) (Level 4) and that the Primary Care Practice Assistant (PCPA) role is a valued team member within the practice. The review identified that changes are occurring within the primary care sector that can impact the role of the PCPA. However, it is too early to suggest how these changes may impact on the role.

Careerforce recommends minor changes in the strategic purpose statements, minor changes graduate outcome wording and some credit adjustments, update in the employment pathways to include more roles, and minor changes in the general conditions for the programme. We also recommend that the planned qualification review date be in three years instead of the usual five years to accommodate the expected impact of the changes in the primary care sector to the role of the PCPA.

Please have a read of the summary of findings and recommendation for more information.

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