As the Industry Training Organisation for the health and wellbeing, youth work and cleaning industries, we work with employers, sector groups and stakeholders to provide quality, accessible and flexible qualifications.

Careerforce supported trainees need to be working or volunteering within the sectors we support to be able to complete the qualifications.

REAL Apprenticeships

REAL Apprenticeships in the health and wellbeing sectors provide a premier vocational pathway for people working in support roles across the health, social and community sectors.


REAL Apprenticeships are for experienced employees, regardless of their age, and are designed to value, empower and progress the skill and competence of the New Zealand workforce.

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New Zealand Qualifications


A recent New Zealand-wide review made sure all qualifications are useful  and relevant to employers and trainees. The New Zealand Qualifications were developed by Careerforce with the health and wellbeing sectors – for the sectors.

This has resulted in a brand new suite of NZQA approved qualifications that ensure workers have the skills and competence to meet the real needs of our changing communities. Over time, the New Zealand qualifications will replace all National Qualifications

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Business and Management Qualifications

We have designed a suite of business and management programmes from Levels 3 through to 6. These programmes were developed in direct response to demand from the industries we support.

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National Qualifications

As a result of the NZQA Targeted Review of Qualifications (TRoQ), National Qualifications have been phased out and replaced with a suite of New Zealand Qualifications.