Careerforce supports hundreds of employers nationwide to enhance staff skills and improve health and wellbeing outcomes in our community.

We design customised work-based qualifications alongside employers, linking training to policies and practices. We then provide the tools, resources and support employers need to train their staff.

Investing in Careerforce training improves staff retention and efficiency, resulting in a greater health outcomes for all New Zealanders.

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About Workplace Training

Our employer-led training model is built on quality and sustainability. Careerforce training is embedded in everyday workplace activities. Employers support trainees to learn on-the-job and assessment is carried out by assessors within the workplace.

Trainees gain relevant, practical qualifications in a learning environment they feel comfortable in. Training increases confidence and job satisfaction, resulting in improved employee attraction and retention.

Ultimately workplace training leads to a higher quality of professional care in our community, improving health and well-being outcomes for Aotearoa.

Training requirements

Careerforce supported trainees need to be working or volunteering within the health, mental health, aged-care, disability, social services, youth work, cleaning or urban pest management professions.

Getting started

Enhance your workforce with Careerforce supported on-the-job training. Email us, contact your Careerforce Workplace Advisor, or call 0800 277 486.

We will help you determine which qualifications are right for your workforce and talk you through the steps to set up training and how we can help.

Training steps

1) Employers identify possible assessors in the workplace and send applications to Careerforce.

  • Assessors undertake a two day assessor training course.
  • They must also complete the required unit standards before assessing trainees.

2) Careerforce helps employers design a training plan for their workplace.

3) Trainees are supported by their workplace and complete their assessments.

  • Assessment results are registered with Careerforce.
  • Trainees complete a post-training literacy assessment to identify progress made as a result of training.
  • Trainees are awarded their qualification.


Guides for employers and migrants in the aged support sector

Employing migrants can be quite different from employing New Zealanders and new migrant workers may need quite a lot of your help, particularly at the start.  Immigration New Zealand has provided some guides to help support both employees and migrants.
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