MyPath is an online learning and assessment platform developed by Careerforce to support workplace training. We made the decision to develop an online mypath-bannerlearning platform because we’re convinced of the benefits to an organisation and a trainee of complementing the practical training by doing some training online.

Did you know…

  • MyPath can save your assessors time. The assessor guides are built in to MyPath and some of the theory assessments in MyPath are automatically marked.
  • Interactive online learning activities, like we have in MyPath, have been shown to improve learning retention.
  • Once a trainee is enrolled there is no additional cost for using MyPath.
  • Our MyPath learning developers ensure that the information and learning is up-to-date with the latest legal, technological, and industry standards.

The training support that is available in MyPath now includes:

  • Health and Wellbeing Level 2
  • Cleaning Level 2
  • Health and Wellbeing (Support Worker) Level 3
  • Health and Wellbeing (Health Assistance) Level 3
  • Health and Wellbeing (Advanced Support) Level 4
  • Health and Wellbeing (Applied Practice) Level 5
  • Apprenticeships
  • Business Level 3
  • Business (First Line Management) Level 4
  • Business (Leadership and Management) Level 5
  • Business ( Leadership and management) Level 6

* 25 modules are available. These have been chosen because of their high popularity with workplaces. More will be added over time. The resources to support the remaining modules can be accessed through our Library.

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Making it REAL

Careerforce training and apprenticeship programmes are delivered in workplaces using the REAL (respectful, efficient, applied, living) approach. It’s designed to develop real skills that make a positive difference to everyday work practices and outcomes.

At the core of REAL is respecting the existing skills and knowledge of your staff and making efficient use of the evidence of competence that occurs in the natural flow of work. By working with one of our advisors, you can identify what evidence of competence your workplace has already seen, heard or filed.

Your staff don’t need to learn what they already know, so their training plan is focused on filling the gaps in their skills and knowledge. MyPath supports the REAL approach and makes it easy for your staff to see the learning and assessment they need to do to complete their programme.

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More about REAL

REAL training is:

  • Respectful – formally recognising the competence experienced staff have as part of their training programme, enabling them to focus on the gaps.
  • Efficient – matching the evidence of competence demonstrated in the everyday flow of work to the qualification competencies. This makes the best use of everyone’s time.
  • Applied – the transfer of learning into real work skills and understanding the real difference training has made to the people the trainee supports and to workplace efficiencies and productivity.
  • Living – means training is flexible, dynamic, progressive, and provides real-life knowledge and skill which enables trainees to contribute to greater health and wellbeing outcomes for all people, in their homes, communities and workplaces.