Careerforce trainees need to have a Training Agreement to formalise the training process between them, the workplace and Careerforce.

Training requirements

Careerforce supported trainees need to have current employment or volunteer within the health, mental health, aged support, disability, social services, youth work, cleaning or urban pest management professions.

Training Agreement

Download our training agreement which includes instructions about what information we need, including the forms of identification we can accept.

Download the Training Agreement

How to fill out a Standard Training Agreement
If you need help completing the Training Agreement, please download this form which should help you.

Download the entry requirement checklist and attestation form for the New Zealand Certificate in Health and Wellbeing (Level 4) (Advanced Support).

Training Agreement Extension Request

To apply for a Training Agreement Extension, please download the Request Form

Download the Training Agreement Extension Request

Download the MyPath Digital Security And Privacy Terms and Conditions

Literacy and numeracy assessment

All level 2 enrolments must complete a literacy and numeracy assessment. If your workplace has chosen paper-based assessments, you can download the current versions of the paper literacy and numeracy assessments and return to Careerforce with your training agreement. Assessments are available here.

Organisation Form

If you are new to Careerforce, please download and complete the Organisation Registration Form.  This provides your important details in preparation for trainee enrolments.

Download the Organisation Registration Form

For any updates or changes to your contact or organisation details,

please use the Organisation Update Form

Summary of Qualifications

View our Summary of Qualifications to ensure you provide the correct qualification details needed on the training agreement.

Download the Summary of Qualifications

Need help

Careerforce is an Industry Training Organisation that supports workplace based training. If you have not trained in this way previously, have any questions or need help filling out the agreement please contact us.