Here on ‘Learning to learn’ are short learning resources to support you in your learning and study

Whether you’re new to learning, or coming back to learning after some time away, these resources will help make your training journey effective and successful. Select the boxes below to see what is there. We will be adding to these, so we encourage you to revisit this webpage. You will be able to add to your kete*, or basket of knowledge, over time.

Once you have viewed a learning resource, select x on the top tab to close it and return to the website.

*A kete is a type of bag or basket, woven from strips of harekeke (flax). Baskets have meaning across indigenous cultures, almost of all of whom have traditions around using baskets, both for sacred purposes and for practical use, such as carrying and storing food. Today your kete or basket of knowledge represents the things you need to know for your life.