Here are the final lists of all qualifications assessed for equivalence.

No email confirmation will be supplied for any equivalency decision already published on this website.

For ease of finding, assessed qualifications have been grouped according to the level of the qualification submitted for assessment. To see if a specific qualification has been assessed, look at the appropriate level document, and all qualifications are in alphabetical order.

For qualifications submitted for assessment prior to 31 December 2019, there were four possible outcomes:

  1. It was determined as being equivalent (at Health & Wellbeing Level 2, 3 or 4)
  2. It was determined as ‘Not Equivalent’
  3. Unable to assess – not enough information was available in order to assess it.
  4. Not accredited – qualification cannot be given equivalence as the awarding provider is not accredited by NZQA

When checking your qualification, please look for the exact title as it appears on your certificate.

Updated 31 March 2020