Please find following summaries of all qualifications assessed for equivalence to date. These summaries are continually updated, as assessments are completed.

Once an equivalency decision has been published on our website, employers and/or their staff don’t need to come to Careerforce for an email confirmation.

For ease of finding, assessed qualifications have been grouped according to the level of the qualification submitted for assessment. To see if a specific qualification has been assessed, look at the appropriate level document, and all qualifications are in alphabetical order.

There are documents for:

  • Level 1-9 qualifications
  • Level Unknown – where the level of a submitted qualification cannot be determined
  • Ace – Health Ed Trust ACE programme equivalencies
  • International – international qualification equivalencies

For qualifications submitted for assessment, there are five possible outcomes:

  1. It is determined as being equivalent (at Health & Wellbeing Level 2, 3 or 4)
  2. It is determined as ‘Not Equivalent’
  3. Unable to assess – not enough information available in order to assess it.
  4. Not accredited – qualification cannot be given equivalence as the awarding provider is not accredited by NZQA
  5. Requires individual assessment – blanket decision can’t be given to a specific qualification, as it depends upon the elective papers completed for each individual.

Updated 1 October 2019

If you are confident that your qualification has not yet been assessed for equivalence, please complete this application form:

Qualification Assessment Application Form