Careerforce supports hundreds of employers nationwide to enhance staff skills and improve health and wellbeing outcomes in our community.

We design customised work-based qualifications alongside employers, linking training to policies and practices. We then provide the tools, resources and support employers to train their staff.  Investing in Careerforce training improves staff retention and efficiency, resulting in greater health outcomes for all New Zealanders.

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About Workplace Training

Our employer-led training model is built on quality and sustainability. Careerforce training is embedded in everyday workplace activities. Employers support trainees to learn on-the-job and assessment is carried out by assessors within the workplace.

Trainees gain relevant, practical qualifications in a learning environment they feel comfortable in. Training increases confidence and job satisfaction, resulting in improved employee attraction and retention.

Ultimately workplace training leads to a higher quality of professional care in our community, improving health and well-being outcomes for New Zealanders.

Training Requirements

Careerforce supported trainees need to be working or volunteering within the health, mental health, aged care, disability, social services, youth work, cleaning or urban pest management professions.

Making it REAL

Careerforce training and apprenticeship programmes are delivered in workplaces using the REAL (respectful, efficient, applied, living) approach. It’s designed to develop real skills that make a positive difference to everyday work practices and outcomes.

At the core of REAL is respecting the existing skills and knowledge of your staff and making efficient use of the evidence of competence that occurs in the natural flow of work. By working with one of our advisors, you can identify what evidence of competence your workplace has already seen, heard or filed.

Your staff don’t need to learn what they already know, so their training plan is focused on filling the gaps in their skills and knowledge. Aka Toi supports the REAL approach and makes it easy for your staff to see the learning and assessment they need to do to complete their programme.

More about REAL

REAL training is:

  • Respectful – formally recognising the competence experienced staff have as part of their training programme, enabling them to focus on the gaps.
  • Efficient – matching the evidence of competence demonstrated in the everyday flow of work to the qualification competencies. This makes the best use of everyone’s time.
  • Applied – the transfer of learning into real work skills and understanding the real difference training has made to the people the trainee supports and to workplace efficiencies and productivity.
  • Living – means training is flexible, dynamic, progressive, and provides real-life knowledge and skill which enables trainees to contribute to greater health and wellbeing outcomes for all people, in their homes, communities and workplaces.