Working in the Social Services Sector

Social service workers play a vital role in supporting the community, by providing advice and support to individuals with personal or social problems and their whānau. Social service workers provide support through identifying goals, addressing barriers and achieving aspirations. Most workers in the social services sector are employed by the government or NGOs.

Careerforce qualifications aim to build a strong social service workforce with a variety of learning pathways and on-the-job training opportunities.

Explore our Qualifications for the Social Services Sector

The social services sector is looking for workers dedicated to working with those in their community. If you already work as a social worker, find your learning pathway such as a Certificate in Health and Wellbeing to grow your career.

Careerforce offers training for social services from entry level through to advanced specialist. Browse the related qualifications below to find which health and wellbeing level is right for you.


Support your Social Services Workforce with On-the-Job Training

Careerforce can support you to enhance your workforce’s skills and knowledge through our well resourced, on-the-job training programmes.

A Careerforce Workplace Advisor will work with you to determine which qualifications are right for your workforce. Together, we’ll develop a comprehensive training plan and discuss steps to set up your training. We will also guide you through funding opportunities to support the growth of your employees.