Careerforce’s MyPath makes way for Aka Toi

Trainees and assessors will see some exciting changes to the MyPath online learning platform. One key aspect is a name change from MyPath to Aka Toi (more about the new name below).

We know that the user experience with MyPath had scope for improvement. As a result, we’ve gathered feedback and made some significant improvements. Here are some examples:

  • As soon as trainees and assessors login to Aka Toi, they’ll be offered an automatic tour of the screens they visit. They will be able to replay the tours whenever they want.
  • There is a simplified, logical dashboard that makes what the user needs to do clear and accessible.
  • Finding ‘help’ is easier and more consistent with other platforms.
  • Records of learning are easier to find.
  • There’s an increase in ‘just in time’ support options.
  • Trainees won’t be able to re-attempt until the assessor has fully marked their submission.
  • There is more clarity for those users who are both an assessor and a trainee.
  • Seeing the assessments that are ready to mark is easier.
  • It’s easier for your assessors to access the modules they have scope to assess.

These changes are just the beginning. Your trainees and assessors can expect to see more improvements over 2019 as we further improve the user experience.

Showcase video

This video outlines the benefits of Aka Toi and show how easy it is for your trainees and assessors to navigate the learning and assessment processes. The videos for trainees is also available to users arriving at the Aka Toi login screen.

Why Aka Toi?

Aka Toi replaces MyPath as the Careerforce online learning and assessment platform.

Aka Toi translates as Vine of Knowledge. According to Māori legend, baskets of knowledge were held up in the high heavens, and hanging from these heavens were vines. Tāne successfully climbed the sacred vine, Toi Huarewa, and retrieved these baskets of knowledge.

Click here if you want to read more about the legend of Tāne.

As with MyPath, Aka Toi is accessed from the usual place. The URL for Aka Toi is