Assessor and Moderation Hubs (Wānanga Mātauranga)

All Careerforce assessors are required to participate in professional development and moderation annually.  The new look Assessor and Moderation Hubs (Te Wānanga Mātauranga) will accommodate both of these requirements.

The morning session will be professional development for all assessors, which provides an opportunity to learn about different approaches to assessment, generate new ideas, and work through any issues. The afternoon session will be peer moderation. It will ensure your assessment decisions are in line with those of other assessors nationwide.  This is where assessors are given the chance to compare and critique each other’s assessment skills.

This process provides a ‘community of practice’ It’s an opportunity to network and ensure all assessors are performing their role at the same high standard and are confident with assessing.

Careerforce specifies a range of unit standards for moderation each year as shown in our moderation 3 year plan.  Each assessor brings along three assessment samples, the assessor guides and the NZQA unit standard.

Download three year moderation plan

Assessor and Moderation Hubs (Wānanga Mātauranga) Schedule


Moderation submissions for Registered Careerforce Assessors

Submit samples of your assessment for moderation on our submission page.
Moderation Submission Form 


Appealing moderation decisions

Any registered assessor may lodge an appeal against a moderation decision or process.  The first step is to seek a negotiated solution with the National Moderator. This step must be initiated by the registered assessor, directly with the moderator, by email within 10 working days of receiving the moderation report.

If informal negotiation cannot resolve the issue, then a written appeal should be lodged with Careerforce’s Manager Moderation and Assessment Practice. This appeal should include all relevant documentation and be lodged within 20 working days from when the final decision of the informal negotiation is communicated. The appeal will be investigated by Careerforce as soon as practicable and a decision reached within 20 working days of receipt of the appeal.

If resolution is not achieved, the General Manager, Learning Solutions will make a final determination and decision for all parties.

Download the latest version of our moderation procedures manual

If you have questions or require further information regarding moderation and the moderation process, please email our National Moderator at