What’s happening?

On 1 September 2022, and as a result of the Reform of Vocational Education (RoVE), the ‘arranging workplace training’ function of Careerforce transitioned as a business division into the Work Based Learning (WBL) subsidiary of Te Pūkenga. This included our people, systems and processes, and our learning programmes.

Careerforce transitioned its other core function, that of standard setting and skills leadership, to the newly established Workforce Development Councils in October 2021.


Te Pūkenga was created in April 2020, and brings together the current 16 Institutes of Technology and Polytechnics, and 9 Industry Training Organisations into a single unified and integrated network of vocational education, supporting work-based, on-campus, and online learning across Aotearoa.

This new network of provision will give employers and their staff more choice and flexibility in what, where and how they learn within one system across Aotearoa.

The new system will have a stronger focus on employers, delivering the skills they need, providing more support for their employees, and ensuring greater consistency in vocational education across the country. Longer term, this will increase the number of employers who are engaged in vocational education.

Work-integrated learning will become an increasingly important part of the vocational education system, giving people the opportunity and flexibility to earn while they learn and gain an education that is more directly relevant to the changing needs of the workplace.

So how does it affect me as an employer or learner?

In the short term, you will notice very little change. What you’ll notice most is the introduction of co-branding, and over 2023, the shift to Te Pūkenga branding.



What doesn’t change?

  • The absolute commitment to work-based learning– the Government wants to see more work-based learning through these reforms, and less campus-based learning. This is reflected in the newly released unified funding rates (UFS), which sees increased funding for work-based learning, and which will allow for greater support of employers and our work-based learners.
  • Where and how our learners engage in their training – they will continue to learn on-the-job just as they do today, via the same training programmes, and leading to the same NZQA qualifications.
  • Enrolment processes – stay the same
  • Your daily contacts – on 1 September, Careerforce ‘lifted and shifted’ into Te Pūkenga, but everything carries on just as it did prior to 1 September – same contacts, same contact details, same website.
  • Careerforce systems – the Careerforce website, iportal and Aka Toi continue just as they do today


Keep on keeping on…

This is just the beginning of transformational change as we bring together work-based, online, and on-campus learning, and this change will happen over time. This is a generational change and bringing together 25 organisations into one, including all their legacy systems, is no easy task.

The implementation of and fully realising the benefits of RoVE is a multi-year journey. Within Te Pūkenga and through this journey, we will continue to champion and strive for the best outcomes for our learners, employers and sectors. We commit to keeping you informed on any changes that may impact upon employers or learners.

Most importantly, just keep doing what you’re doing, you do it well.


How will this change affect me?
Nothing changes for how your workplace training currently functions. Careerforce simply became a business division of Te Pūkenga’s Work Based Learning Limited (WBL) subsidiary and it’s business as usual for us and for you.

We continue to operate with the same staff, same training programmes leading to the same NZQA qualifications, and the same processes, systems and support. All our contact details and website remain the same.

Over time and as the reforms are bedded in, there will be change, but we only see this as being positive for our employers and learners. There is an absolute commitment to growing workplace learning, and better supporting our employers and their employee learners.

How does this change affect the Careerforce staff I presently engage with?
Careerforce staff all ‘lifted and shifted’ into Te Pūkenga on 1 September. Te Pūkenga has been consulting with staff on a proposed organisational structure for the organisation, and which may lead to some change. However, it is likely that for any Careerforce staff that you currently engage with, you will continue to engage with them just as you do today.

Is there anything I need to do?
No. Just continue as you do today. We will continue to update you on any changes that may impact upon you as we transition into Te Pūkenga and beyond.

What happens to workplace assessors?
No change. Workplace-based assessors are an incredibly valuable part of work-based training. They best understand training requirements in the workplace, and perform a critically important function.

Will my staff have to do more classroom-based learning?
No. Te Pūkenga is often incorrectly referred to as a “mega-polytech”. Of the over 250,000 learners that are coming together in Te Pūkenga, well over half are coming from the Industry Training Organisations and a workplace-based learning environment. The Government is absolutely committed to seeing more work-based learning as an outcome of RoVE.