A Training agreement is not transferrable to another trainee or employer or training programme.
A Transfer of Trainee is possible within various branches of the same employer.

Terminations (Withdrawals)

Request for termination of a training agreement must be received by Careerforce within one month of the termination date.

The training agreement will cease for any of the following reasons:

  1. On completion of the training plan trainee is enrolled in.
  2. On termination of the employment or voluntary/unpaid work agreement between the trainee and employer
  3. If either the employer or employee request that the training agreement be terminated.
  4. A trainee has not reported any credits within the calendar year i.e. trainees must achieve at least 10 credits per calendar year that they are enrolled in (where trainee is enrolled for more than 90 days in the calendar year)
  5. An Apprentice has not completed 10 credits within the first three months of enrolment start date, and at least one module within any rolling 6 month period thereafter.


Training registration fees will only be refunded if the trainee terminates within 3 months from enrolment date and Careerforce has been advised within 4 months of the training start date.

Eligibility for a refund depends on factors such as the reason for refund request and the timing of refund application.