In 2023, the Tertiary Education Commission (TEC) issued guidance around funding for non-domestic visa holders in work-based learning.

This forms part of their implementation of the unified funding system (UFS), and results in the removal of training subsidy eligibility for non-domestic tertiary students. However, the Government has agreed to targeted exemptions to continue to subsidise work-based learning that is in the national interest, and that aligns with the Government’s Green List and Sector Agreements.

For Careerforce, there is a Sector Agreement for the care workforce, and as a result, non-domestic learners on an accredited employer work visa/ residence visa enrolling in Careerforce Health & Wellbeing programmes will be exempt from international fees*. All other visa types will not be exempt and will be subject to international fees**.

The programmes below however are not eligible for a non-domestic learner subsidy (not on Government ‘green list’, and nor is there a Sector Agreement). As a result, non-domestic (international) fees will apply, and these have now been finalised as below.

Programme Name Duration (mths) Credits International Enrolment Fee – Employer Led
(incl GST)
International Enrolment Fee – Full Service (incl GST)

NZC in Cleaning (Level 2)

8 48 $1,870 $2,360
NZC in Cleaning (Level 3) – various specialisations 10 57 $2,215 $2,835
NZC in Pest Operations (Level 3) (Urban Pest Control) 7 40 $1,750 $5,250 incl Cleaning Systems Limited fee $3500
NZD in Business – Leadership & Management (Level 5) 20 120   $5,000

Prices correct as at 19 April 2023

Domestic Enrolment Eligibility & Fees
All New Zealand citizens and residents (including those on resident visas), Australian citizens/permanent residents, and learners on Accredited Employer Work Visa’s are considered domestic learners, and are eligible for domestic learner enrolment fees.

Accredited Employer Work Visas (AEWV)
Learners on Accredited Employer Work Visa’s are considered domestic, and as a result are eligible for domestic enrolment fees, and duration requirements do not apply.

All Other Work Visa Types
Enrolments via all other work visa types are considered as non-domestic learners, and will be subject to international enrolment fees. Additionally, they must have appropriate duration on their work visa to complete the programme they are enrolling into. For the NZ Certificate in Health & Wellbeing Level 3, they will require 7 months remaining duration on their work visa (based on analysis of historic average completion time for non-domestic learners).

Training Agreements – Proof of Identity/Eligibility Requirements
For non-domestic learners, and learners on an Accredited Employer Work Visa, a verified ID must be provided with the training agreement, together with a certified copy of the relevant Visa.

Further information is available on the Tertiary Education Commission website.

*Visas must be valid for the entire duration of the proposed training programme to be eligible for enrolment.

**For further information on international rates, please email