The Tertiary Education Commission (TEC) has issued guidance around funding for non-domestic visa holders in work-based learning for 2023.

This forms part of their implementation of the unified funding system (UFS), and results in the removal of training subsidy eligibility for non-domestic tertiary students. However, the Government has agreed to targeted exemptions to continue to subsidise work-based learning that is in the national interest, and that aligns with the Government’s Green List and Sector Agreements.

For Careerforce, there is a Sector Agreement for the care workforce, and as a result, non-domestic learners on an accredited employer work visa enrolling in Careerforce Health & Wellbeing programmes will be exempt from international fees*. All other visa types will not be exempt and will be subject to international fees**.

The programmes below however are not eligible for a non-domestic learner subsidy (not on Government ‘green list’, and nor is there a Sector Agreement). As a result, non-domestic (international) fees will apply, and these have now been finalised as below.

Programme Name Duration (mths) Credits International Enrolment Fee – Employer Led
(incl GST)
International Enrolment Fee – Full Service (incl GST)

NZC in Cleaning (Level 2)

8 48 $1,870 $2,360
NZC in Cleaning (Level 3) – various specialisations 10 57 $2,215 $2,835
NZC in Pest Operations (Level 3) (Urban Pest Control) 7 40 $1,750 $5,250 incl Cleaning Systems Limited fee $3500
NZD in Business – Leadership & Management (Level 5) 20 120   $5,000

Prices correct as at 19 April 2023

Further information is available on the Tertiary Education Commission website.

*Visas must be valid for the entire duration of the proposed training programme to be eligible for enrolment.

**For further information on international rates, please email