Learn more about how Careerforce works and what we do by reading our reports and guiding documents.


The prospectus features the range of programmes and qualifications that Careerforce offers. Employers should find it helpful in planning staff training programmes and how to pathway staff through the qualifications.

Download Prospectus 2023

Annual Reports

Each annual report is a summary of Careerforce’s significant activities and financial performance throughout the preceding year. 

Download Careerforce Annual Report 2021

Download Careerforce Annual Report 2020

Download Careerforce Annual Report 2019

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Download Careerforce Annual Report 2017

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Investment Plan

Download Careerforce Investment Plan 2018-2019

The Heart of the Matter – Increasing participation, engagement and success for Pasifika people

This document seeks to understand what participation, success and organisational capability look like from the perspective of Pasifika stakeholders working at the coalface of key Careerforce industries.

Download The Heart of the Matter

Download Pasifika Research Addendum

At Your Service Aotearoa – The needs of Service Workers

Four industry training organisations that deliver on and off-job training to New Zealand’s growing service sector have joined forces to issue a call to arms over mounting skill’s shortages.  The attached BERL report identifies the needs of the 600,000 Service Workers in New Zealand.

Link to download At Your Service Aotearoa

Profile of Careerforce’s Workforce

This report provides a profile of the workforce that Careerforce has coverage for using official statistics from the 2013 Census. The information contained in this report has been prepared to inform Careerforce’s internal planning and wider workforce development and skill leadership functions.

Download Profile of Careerforce’s Workforce