Trainee’s rights in assessment

As a trainee, you must be informed about:

  • The training plan, i.e. what modules that you must complete and any cross-crediting awarded and the supports and guidance available to get you through the programme.
  • What unit standards and qualification you will gain from your programme.
  • The process for disputing an assessor decision.
  • The review and appeal procedures available to you if you do not meet the required standard.
  • Your options for completing your assessments in any of the three official languages of New Zealand, i.e. English, Te Reo, or NZ Sign Language.
  • Your options for addressing your particular needs, e.g. for Māori, Pacific people and other Tauiwi and consumers/ tangata whai ora, including alternative assessment options.

As a trainee you are entitled to:

  • Timely assessment and feedback. Assessments should be marked within 10 working days of being submitted to your assessor and you should receive feedback within 5 working days of the marking being completed.
  • Guidance about what the assessment requires you to do.
  • Support from your workplace to build sufficient knowledge and practical skills through on-job training and coaching in preparation for assessment.

Trainee appeal process

If you are not satisfied with your assessment result, Careerforce recommends that you discuss your concerns with your assessor.

If you are not comfortable doing this, or would still like to appeal the result, you can make an appeal to Careerforce. Our National Moderator will review your assessment and make a decision whether to uphold or change the assessment result.

If you would like to appeal the result of an assessment you have completed, please complete the appeal of assessment result form.