List of New Zealand qualifications and equivalencies/non equivalencies

Please check first to see if your qualification is listed on the following pdf’s (according to the LEVEL).

  • If you have a National Certificate or a National Diploma from a registered education provider, with the exact same name as the one developed by an ITO e.g. Careerforce, this is the same qualification.
  • Only fully completed qualifications can be assessed for Pay Equity purposes.
  • If you have an Overseas Nursing qualification, more information can be found here.
  • Scroll down for information about Teaching qualifications, Social Work Qualifications and New Zealand Nursing qualifications
View and/or download the relevant Qualification Equivalencies for Pay Equity Purposes document.
If you can’t find your qualification listed, please contact us using the form below:

Updated 6 July 2018


Teaching qualifications

New Zealand teaching qualifications that have been approved for teacher registration by the NZ Teachers Council (formerly the NZ Teacher Registration Board) are deemed to be equivalent to Level 4 for pay equity purposes. This includes Diplomas, Bachelor’s degrees, Graduate and Post-Graduate Diplomas, and Masters degrees.

This also applies to teaching qualifications gained overseas that have led to the person gaining Registration by the NZ Teachers Council.  All other overseas teaching qualifications should be submitted for assessment via our on-line application form below.

To find out if a teaching qualification has NZ Teachers Council or previously NZ Teacher Registration Board approval view the following website:


Social Work qualifications obtained in New Zealand and recognised by NZ Social Work Registration Board will be assessed as equivalent to Level 4.  A list of these can be found here

All other Social Work qualifications, unless listed on our website as equivalent, will need to be sent to Careerforce for assessment.


New Zealand Nursing Qualifications – If you hold either a NZ Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing, an NZ enrolled nursing qualification or have Registration with the New Zealand Nursing Council and are working as a care and support worker under the Act then your qualification is assessed as equivalent to Level 4.


If you can’t find your qualification listed, please contact us using the form below: