This video explains how our equivalency assessment process has worked.

Careerforce follows a comprehensive process when assessing the equivalency of existing and expired care and support qualifications.

Once we receive the enquiry, we first check to see if the qualification developer is registered in the NZQA database and if that organisation is on the approved NZQA list for that qualification.

To be assessed as equivalent, a qualification first needs to be within 15 credits of one of the health and wellbeing qualifications, or above.  We use the information provided by the enquirer to check the qualification level and credit value against the NZQA qualification overview.

If the qualification meets all checks at this point we will then map the strategic outcomes of the queried qualification against the strategic outcome of the New Zealand Health and Wellbeing qualifications, using several sources of information: the NZQA strategic purpose statement, qualification document, academic provider website, course/programme outlines, graduate profile statements, details of practicum hours, and others.

If the queried qualification’s graduate outcomes match sufficiently to one of the New Zealand Health and Wellbeing qualifications, we will assess it as equivalent to that particular Health and Wellbeing qualification. Our assessment is then peer reviewed, which confirms the judgement made by the assessor and to moderate the way we make decisions and why.

Let’s explain how we decide if the outcomes of specific qualifications match the outcomes of the New Zealand Health and Wellbeing qualifications. The process of checking a qualification against the process map means we are analysing as we research each query and forming opinions.

Sometimes the judgement is quite clear, or at other times we do need to get to a module level or further information to confirm a judgement. Our qualification equivalencies collectively draw upon our expert research skills, method/attention to detail and rules; knowledge of the NZQA approval processes and our programme development and training background.  Our process is methodical, analytical, evaluative and careful.