New professional counselling service provided free to all learners with Careerforce/Te Pūkenga

Ākonga (learners) across Careerforce/ Te Pūkenga now have free access to professional counselling services while they learn.

Careerforce enrolled trainees or apprentices who are going through a tough time can now access a free counselling service, available throughout New Zealand, from the professional employee assistance provider Vitae.

Providing access to this free service is part of the commitment made by Te Pūkenga to promote a healthy learning environment by ensuring that all learners have the opportunity to talk to someone about their mental health. Wherever learners are located across New Zealand, they can now access new Vitae services, contactable 24 hours a day, with a duty counsellor always on hand for emergencies.

Learners can call to discuss any problems that they might be experiencing, such as study or training stress, relationship problems, anxiety or depression, as well as reach out if they are experiencing harassment or any other kind of violence. The service can also be accessed via an app for smart phones, which provides a direct link to Vitae support services such as counselling and trauma response.

Careerforce urges workplaces to promote this new service to their learners, and to take the opportunity to seek help when they need it.


Through this service learners will be able to address issue such as:

  • Personal or study stress
  • Relationship problems
  • Conflict situations
  • Anxiety/depression
  • Grief/loss
  • Violence
  • Harassment
  • Personal trauma
  • Addictions



Contact Vitae directly:



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