Working in the Aged Care Sector

The aged care sector employs over 33,000 people in New Zealand, and with the growing population, it is expected that there will be an increase in demand of between 50 and 75 percent over the next 15 years.  

The aged care sector is looking for hard working and compassionate people to fill roles such as caregivers, healthcare assistants, support workers, nurse aides, or activities co-ordinators. There are opportunities to forge a rewarding career pathway in the aged care sector, supported by the achievement of nationally recognised Careerforce qualifications.

An historic pay equity settlement for care and support workers in New Zealand in 2017 means that care and support workers are now recognised and rewarded based on their qualifications or working tenure.

Explore our qualifications for the Aged Care Sector

Careerforce offers a number of aged care related qualifications from entry level through to advanced specialist qualifications. For those of you currently employed in the aged care sector, you can follow a qualification pathway to advance your career. If you are an Employer, you can upskill your workforce to improve outcomes for those under your care.

With the advent of the aged care and support pay equity legislation, the achievement of these qualifications can also lead to improved remuneration for aged care workers. More information about pay equity is available from the Ministry of Health. Contact details are available here.

Support your Aged Care Workforce with On-The-Job Training

Careerforce works with many organisations working across the aged care sector, throughout New Zealand. Through ‘employer delivered’ on-the-job training, employees can develop practical and relevant skills on-site, and earn while they learn. For employers, there is no requirement for employees to leave the work site for training, or the need for cover to be provided.

Careerforce can support you to enhance your workforce skills and knowledge through our well-resourced training programmes. A Careerforce Workplace Advisor will work with you to determine which qualifications and training programmes are right for your workforce, and together, we’ll develop a comprehensive training plan.