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Qualification and Programme Overview

This is an ideal induction programme to develop entry-level skills and knowledge required to provide person-centred support in the health and wellbeing sectors (including: health, home and community, aged support, disability support and social services).


The programme includes developing and/or recognising the following competencies in your staff:

  • Performing entry-level, person-centred tasks and functions in a health or wellbeing setting.
  • Describing the role of a support worker and a person’s rights.
  • Recognising and reporting risks and/or changes in a person’s health and wellbeing.
  • Maintaining a safe a secure environment for people.
  • Interacting with others to support a person’s health or wellbeing.
  • Identifying the impact of culture on support in a health and wellbeing setting.

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* This programme presently has free enrolment via the Targeted Training and Apprenticeships Fund (TTAF)

Frequently Asked Questions

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The Level 2 certificate in Health and Wellbeing is for new or potential entrants into the health and wellbeing sectors, or those re-entering the workforce. This includes support care workers, home aides, hospital orderlies, home care support workers, health care assistants and health assistants.

Currently there are no enrolment fees for the Level 2 Health and Wellbeing qualification (valued at $200 NZD).

The employer usually pays the fees for staff to enrol in these programmes. To enrol in a Careerforce programme, you must be currently employed, and have the support of your employer.

As part of Budget 2020, the New Zealand Government, announced its Targeted Training and Apprenticeships Fund (TTAF). This fund is designed to encourage and support New Zealanders to undertake vocational education and training in targeted areas. The fund removes costs for a wide range of level 3 programmes through to December 2022.


To enrol in the New Zealand Certificate in Health and Wellbeing (Level 2), please call 0800 277 486, email: or speak to your local Careerforce Workplace Advisor

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Level 2

Ideal for

  • New or potential entrants into the health and wellbeing sectors, or those re-entering the workforce.
  • Support Care Workers.
  • Home Aides.
  • Hospital Orderlies.
  • Home Care Support Workers.
  • Health Care Assistants.
  • Health Assistants.
Relevant for the following sectors
  • Aged Care
  • Disability Support
  • Healthcare Services
  • Home & Community Support
  • Social Services
  • 40 - 41 Credits
  • 7 months
  • $200 (inc GST) FREE ENROLMENT*