REAL Observers play a significant role in the assessment process. They support assessors by collecting evidence of a trainee’s competence. Observers know the correct standard of performance expected of a trainee, and working alongside the trainee they are able to capture “naturally occurring evidence”.

There are three main roles involved in workplace assessment.


The REAL Observer:

  • is the eyes and ears of the assessor
  • observes the trainee in their natural work environment
  • knows the correct standard of performance expected within your workplace
  • provides clear information to the assessor
  • gives feedback to the trainee
  • asks the assessor if unsure about any requirements or standards.

Who can be a REAL Observer?

Team leaders, supervisors, managers
Health professionals, social workers, youth leaders, cleaners
Members of a multi-disciplinary team
Senior staff members
Coordinators, administrators
Clients, whānau, people being supported
Educators, trainers

Qualities and characteristics that make a good Observer?

Competent and experienced with good life skills
Has the ability to document evidence
Is aware of clients and their rights
Good Communicator
Approachable and respectful
culturally aware
Positive, but realistic

If you would like to know more about REAL Observers, please download the Observer handbook:

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