Moderation is an assessor requirement. Learn why moderation is important.

Supply three assessment samples from this year

Please select any three samples of an individual unit standard that you have assessed this year. You may submit one sample for moderation at a time throughout the year, or submit three samples at once.

You can submit three samples in one form submission. Just select ‘add another sample’.

Paper-based assessment samples

If the submissions are paper based, you need to scan them onto your computer. You can then upload or click and drag your submissions into the form:

You must include:

  • Trainee assessments, assessment results pages showing trainee and assessor details, and the result.
  • All verification and observation forms.
  • All other relevant evidence.
  • Copies of the assessor guide if the assessments are not Careerforce products.

To avoid delays, please ensure that all photocopying is readable, preferably in colour, and that all pages have been included in their original order.

Aka Toi assessment samples

If the items are online (i.e. completed on Aka Toi), you do not need to upload any documents.

  • Our moderators can find your samples online, as long as you have correctly filled in the details, including Unit Standard number, trainee name and date of assessment.
  • Please ensure you submit samples that are complete. In other words, the entire assessment is complete, not just Task 1 or Task 3.

Please note:

  • Moderation Reports will be emailed to you once completed.
  • All materials provided are protected and remain confidential.
  • Our moderation team may request additional random samples throughout the year.