Leaving school soon? There are heaps of job opportunities in the aged care, health and wellbeing, disability and social and community sectors – and they can be so rewarding!

You could be a healthcare worker in a hospital, support those with disabilities, empower young people as a youth worker, run recreational programmes for elderly, or even manage your own team. Whatever you’re keen on, Careerforce’s Gateway programmes can help get you there.

What's it like to be a support worker? Watch below

Watch how Wellington flatmates Dom and Adrian are living more independently, thanks to the help of young support workers Luke and Markus.

Watch how support worker Brett works closely with Will to keep in touch with his community and his passions after experiencing a significant stroke in 2016.

Four reasons to start a career in health and wellbeing:

The growing and vital health and wellbeing sectors have a shortage of qualified workers. There are heaps of employment opportunities for young people to start a lifelong, rewarding career.

Through on-the-job training such as an apprenticeship, you could earn while you learn, get practical skills and work towards achieving a nationally recognised qualification – without the student loan.

There are plenty of employers who will support your training and help you get qualified on the job – how awesome is that?!

If you love being around people and want to help others reach their full potential, the health and wellbeing sectors need you.

There are plenty of entry-level career opportunities in the aged care, health and wellbeing, disability and social and community sectors.

You could be a support worker for people in your community who need extra support. You could be a diversional therapist or rehabilitation assistant, a healthcare assistant in a hospital or even a youth worker. Check out the many job options available and the other young people who are in these positions.

Learn more about the many career options!

See our Career options page to delve deeper into the types of jobs available in the health and wellbeing sectors. Hear from other young people about why they chose to get into the industry.

How to start your career

girl wearing Mexican hat

At just 19, Nika Harley has found her passion for aged residential care.

While you’re at school

Get a head start while still at school through our Good Skills Gateway Programmes.

Look for an entry-level job

  • Check out SeekTradeMe JobsKiwi Health Jobs or Careerforce’s Jobs for Good for job opportunities.
  • Careers NZ provides tools and resources to help you get started, from analysing your skills, to developing your CV to finding local job vacancies to match your skills.

Check out on-the-job training options

Every day is fun. I look forward to Mondays. Not everyone gets to say that, but I get to.

Nika Harley

Aspiring Diversional Therapist