Recognise the achievements of your staff and motivate them to keep training.  Let your clients know that they are being supported by trained and qualified staff.  Assure clients’ families that their loved ones are receiving quality care and support.

You can do all these by having an Honours Board!

Display an Honours Board in the reception area or hallway. Let everyone know that your organisation supports staff professional development through training and is committed to quality service.

    • The Honours Board will feature your organisation’s name
    • It holds 24 staff names. A follow-on board holds a further 36 names if required
    • Main and follow-on board size: 630 x 440mm
    • Name plates are attached with velcro so they can be easily added or removed, and are made of the same material as the Honours Board
    • Tags are available for New Zealand Qualifications
    • The boards and elements are sold to you at cost price from the supplier.

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honours board example

Sample Honours Board

Honours Board (includes design which features organisation name, proofing and courier delivery) – $423 + GST
Follow-on board (which adds a further 33 name plate capacity) – $368 + GST
Name plate – $11.20 + GST each
Qualification tags (available in packs of 5) – $17.50 + GST

Qualification tags are ready-made and can be ordered here:

Order qualification tags here

Order your Honours Board, follow-on board and name plates below.