Careerforce Workplace Advisors (CWAs) work alongside employers throughout New Zealand to develop training plans that best meet the needs of the workplace. They also provide support to employers and trainees throughout the training journey. Contact your CWA to discuss training options for your workplace.

Dara Davenport

Auckland North and Northland
Phone: 027 248 5672
Email Dara 

Suzanne Edwards

Auckland Central and West
Phone: 027 675 3292
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Sara Goff

Auckland South and East
Phone: 027 801 0664 
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Jo Sisson

Bay Of Plenty
Phone: 027 265 4980
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Pauline Ruff

Waikato, Lakes
Phone: 027 675 3067
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Lisa Hann

Tairawhiti, Hawkes Bay
Phone: 027 566 5430 
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Elaine Dittert

Manawatu, Whanganui and Taranaki
Phone: 027 218 0590
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Jo Rea

Wellington, Hutt Valley and  Wairarapa
Phone: 027 290 2239
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Anita Teutscher

Wellington and Kapiti Coast
Phone: 027 222 2538
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Paula Cohen

Nelson, Marlborough and the West Coast
Phone: 027 612 7339
Email Paula 

Pam Harris

Christchurch and North Canterbury
Phone: 027 236 7408
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Lucille Ogston

Christchurch and South Canterbury
Phone: 027 675 0001
Email Lucille 

Erica Carson

Central Otago and Southland
Phone: 0275 693471
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Loi Lam

North Otago and Otago
Phone: 027 558 4517
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