Enhance your workforce with Careerforce supported on-the-job training

We can work together to determine which qualifications are right for your workforce and talk you through the steps to set up training. We can support you in enhancing your workforce’s skills and knowledge through our well resourced and well supported training programmes.

Training steps

1. Employers identify possible assessors in the workplace and send applications to Careerforce.

  • Assessors undertake a two day assessor training course.
  • They must also complete the required unit standards before assessing trainees.

2. Careerforce helps employers design a training plan for their workplace.

  • Trainees are enrolled by filling out a training agreement with their employer.
  • Trainees complete a short literacy assessment.

3. Trainees are supported by their workplace and complete their assessments.

  • Assessment results are registered with Careerforce.
  • Trainees complete a post-training literacy assessment to identify progress made as a result of training.
  • Trainees are awarded their qualification. 

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